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Initial Question: Why my package is not delivered as yet?

Jenny C.: Hi, this is Jenny C.. I'll be happy to assist you.

Alison: 1Z3V384V6817100871

Jenny C.: Hi, Alison. Just a moment while I look into that for you.

Alison: waiting

Jenny C.: Thanks for your patience. I was reviewing the information and I can see that the package is traveling to its destination but the paperwork is under customs review. Also, our records indicate that your shipment was temporarily delayed because the package has not been processed at the facility that must handle the delivery. We are having several packages delayed due to the large amount of packages the we received, I encourage you to continue tracking this shipment online to obtain the current status, because at this point, we don't have the rescheduled delivery date. I am sorry.

Alison: what is paperwork under customs review? and do you have any idea when this would be delivered?

Jenny C.: We don't have the rescheduled delivery date listed yet, but as customs is reviewing the paperwork we must wait that the package will be accepted to be imported into Canada and normally when the package will be cleared from customs we will take from 1 to 2 business days to complete the delivery.

Alison: so when UPS does this to a customer is there any compensation to the customer

Jenny C.: we commit the delivery pending normal customs clearance and if the package is delayed due to a customs process, we are unable to offer any compensation because this is beyond UPS's control

Alison: this package is not delayed because of customs, this package was sent to the east coast

Alison: now this package is on route and is Redmond WA

Alison: since the 19th of December

Alison: this package is not in customs

Jenny C.: As I informed you at the beginning, the package is in transit but the paperwork is being reviewed by customs. A package doesn't need to be in customs possession to review its information and allow the import. We are only waiting the approval to complete the service as I informed you as well.

Alison: December 19th package process ready for UPS

Alison: Dec 20th arrival scan san pablo CA

Alison: Dec 27 Departure scan Hodgkins IL

Alison: Dec 31th Arrival scan Redmond WA

Alison: you want to tell me that my package is travelling all around the United States while awaiting customs clearence? .

Jenny C.: Yes, this is a Standard service and a package doesn't need to be available at customs locations to be reviewed because that is the reason of why we send the paperwork needed in advance. Unfortunately, I don’t have any other resolution options to provide more than wait for customs clearance. At this point, further discussion via chat is not productive. I am sorry that I am not able to completely resolve your situation through chat support.

Jenny C. has disconnected.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $200.

  • can t find package
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