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Ups said it would only cost me $35.51 to send my package to Texas. After sending it i am then told that i would have to pay another $33.75 brokerage fees for my parcel to reach its final destination.

Why was i not informed of this before when i was asking for the cost of delivery? Now they have my package hostage and i am forced to pay them more.

After getting the runaround for the last two days with no results i just came to the conclusion that i will never use ups ever again. The service sucks.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

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The price for sending, ie SHIPPING, is a set price. UPS has no way of knowing what a customs dept will require when entry into another country comes into play. Blame the customs dept in country where you sent the package, their arbitrary rules are why UPS will not quote such fees.

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