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Ever since moving to Bakersfield, CA I can't believe the service (or should i say LACK of) of the UPS drivers. I live in a Senior community, and I always see them walk up and they can SEE me too standing at my kitchen window and instead of walking up to the door to hand me my pkg., they throw it at the end of my carport and walk away (also they NEVER EVER knock, to even let you know there is a pkg out there!) I have to go get dressed, put on shoes, etc.

to go outside just to pick up the darn thing...they can't even set it down by the door (to avoid you having to trek outside).

THIS is what you pay their OUTRAGEOUS DELIVERY FEES for?? I've submitted NUMEROUS complaints but nothing changes...basically, BAKERSFIELD UPS SUCKS!!..go with FED EX or USPS instead!

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Reedley, California, United States #664909

Ugh...you have to go "get dressed"? Were you planning on answering the door naked?

No wonder they don't come to the door. Put your clothes first granny.

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