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On 07/13/2010, I shipped my Laptop which was under warranty via UPS to the manufacturer to fix the touch pad issue. I packed the laptop very well with side supports and wrapped it around using a bubble pack pretty tight. I shipped it thru UPS and insured it for US$500.

When the laptop was received at the repair facility on 07/14/2010, they noticed that the screen of the Laptop is broken. I reported the issue to the UPS franchise where I shipped it from. The franchise told me that I have to report that to UPS as they cannot process any claim. I then contacted UPS and filed a claim. UPS told me that they would pick up the Laptop and investigate the damage. My laptop was picked up by UPS on 08/03/2010. I contacted UPS a week after the Laptop was picked up UPS. I was told that I am supposed to contact the franchise from where it was shipped from, since the claim should be initiated by the franchise. When I told them that I initiated the claim process, the agent I talked to said, probably they thought me as the person representing the franchise. I told them clearly that I am an individual filing myself for the damage.

Then I visited the franchise to check on the status. The owner of the franchise said, he received the laptop but didn't understand why it was shipped to him and as there was no information from UPS. Then I explained to him the history and he promised me to initiate the claim process.

It's been more than 2 months since the claim was filed. I am told that they claim was denied stating the packaging was not good enough. The claim was re-submitted by the franchise and denied again. It's been more than 3 months since I shipped the Laptop first. I haven't got a penny out of UPS. I couldn't use my computer which I bought to do some freelance work. Now my Laptop warranty period has expired while laptop sitting idle. So far it's been direct financial damage, indirect financial damage and a lot of frustration with UPS driving me from pillar to post.

I have shipped many packages before with Fedex, UPS and USPS. I have insured the packages most of the times. This is the first time I am filing a claim for a genuine fault of UPS and it is getting rejected.

I completely disagree with UPS that the packaging was the issue. Even if it was an issue, then WHY did they offer me the Insurance? Shouldn't they say, they cannot insure it since the package doesn't meet the required standard or so…

So, it looks like they don't care about anything when you pay them money as insurance premium. But everything is an issue if you report any damage. It seems I have been wasting thousands of dollars so far on insuring my packages during shipments throughout my life.

It is unbelievable that such a multi-billion dollar company acting so cheap on a few hundred dollar claim and treat it's customer like a dirt.

I am really frustrated with UPS' arrogance attitude and unfair business practices.

By posting this story here I want to create an awareness among the consumer community about this shipping giant and avoid shipping thru them. Even if you decide to ship thru them, please DON'T insure them. Because the insurance you pay is only a bonus for UPS. Even if they break your package, you will not get a dime and will not even get a straight answer from them.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Had a high dollar bat shown scanned in California at 1:00 a.m., made it through to out for delivery at 9:54 a.m. then shown as missing at 11:07 a.m. Then they told me they were not responsible because the container I shipped in did not meet shipping standards. Only problem is that I purchased a brand new tube from Office Depot and shipped from there. Now I have to get Office Depot to file complaint because they are considered shipper. I even purchased the insurance on the item.

You can see the tracking information below.

Seems very strange to me, that they could have it for so long before relizing that there is no bat in the box.

04/04/2011 11:07 A.M. Merchandise is missing. UPS will notify the sender with additional details. / All merchandise missing, empty carton was discarded. UPS will notify the sender with details of the damage.

04/04/2011 9:54 A.M. Out For Delivery

04/04/2011 1:31 A.M. Arrival Scan


So they can throw your packages, drop them from trucks, run over them with forklifts & not pay a dime??? If I did that to one of my company's customer's merchandise, you can bet my employers would take care of it (because it's the right thing to do) & secondly, I probably wouldn't have a job (because I did wrong!).


Smed - That's not even remotely true. UPS doesn't even package items.

UPS Stores (private franchises, not UPS employees) do, but by no means do they HAVE TO package it in order for something to be insurable.

People get damage claims paid all the time that they've packed themselves. Where did you pull that statement out of?


What UPS isn't telling you is that their insurance only guards against their negligence, like in the instance they loose it.

Unless you pay for UPS to package your shipment, their insurance will not cover damage. Ever.

This should have been outlined to you by the franchisee or included (albeit in the fine print) of the forms you filled out upon shipment.


I've packed and shipped about 2000 laptops in the past 10 years and have never had one break. UPS does pay damage claims, but you have to pack high value, fragile items, like laptops properly.

Keep in mind you're not really buying insurance, you're buying declared value coverage, which works a little differently. Granted, they should have gone into more detail at the store prior to shipping it for you and charging you extra for the higher declared value.