I've waited for a parcel (a birthday present) for over 2 weeks now. The following excused have been made.

1. No one has been home for a signature- LIE. I purposely stayed at home all day and evening waiting for my delivery. 2.

The change of address that i gave was not registered correctly by the guy over the phone. 3. 'no such address found by the delivery men'- apparently my address isn't a valid address? My parcel was scheduled to come 27th October.

It is now the 6th November. Both my mum and i have taken it in turns to stay in all day because every day wheni ring to double check ups are adament the delivery will take place that day. COMPLETE JOKE AND TERRIBLE SERVICE.

Will never use again, and i'm still waiting for the birthday present for a family member. All staff who have been involved in my case areuseless, including the delivery men that are saying i do not live at a valid address!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

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