I had a prescription that was shipped overnight via UPS.What can brown do for you?

Well they tried once for delivery. I was unavailable, so they were supposed to make a 2nd and 3rd attempt. I called UPS several times, and after 5 days they informed me that the package was lost. Lost, is a funny term for stolen.

I will never use *** brown ever again. Interesting side note, after having one UPS representative tell me that the package is lost and that I need to contact the pharmacy that shipped the package, I called UPS again to be told that the package is scheduled for delivery today. One way or the other one of the two people that I talked to today is liar. The package was last seen at 1709 Shady Oaks Dr.

Denton, TX which is the closest UPS will call location.UPS used to be a very dependable organization, obviously changes in leadership and the influence of the Teamsters Union have taken their toll on an otherwise decent organization.

Monetary Loss: $1150.


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