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Bought a Mac computer on e-bay , got lost in shipping and crosses the USA 3 times, arrived 2 weeks late busted!Purchased for $1220.00 and they will only pay me $190 !! It was packed by a UPS store as well !!

So apparently they can smash your stuff at will and not compensate you properly for it !

Even the guy who owns the UPS store is shocked ! I will never ever ever use them again ! bunch of %^$# thieves !!

I advise everyone I talk to never to use them, the internet is rife with such stories. When you buy anything on ebay specify NO ups !!!

Monetary Loss: $1220.

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It gets paid, provided they purchased insurance.


You're getting bad information. Anything packed by a The UPS Store location gets paid, it's in their agreement.

If they packed it, UPS HAS to pay.

Do not allow them to tell otherwise. The UPS Store has to do the work but that is what they were paid for.

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