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Today I recieved a package but to my surprise it was left on the front door of my apartment.what it shocked me more is the innapropiate and very rude note left behind by the delivery man.It say WANNA PLAY *** LIKE YOU DON'T HEAR THE DOOR I'LL LEAVE YOUR BOX TO BE STOLEN!.I filled a complaint with them and all that supervisor tyrone could tell me is that he was a seasonal worker like if that excuse him and at no time there was a I'AM SORRY.never will use ups again they don't care about their customer and they worker are nothing but lazy.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Don't hire smokers and other tobacco addicts - they are mentally ill and brain-damaged from tobacco addiction.


LOL his mother must have been a drug dealing pr0stitute


you sound like a reetard lol

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