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I ordered some things from a nursery... 3 trees...

I get delivery here all the time by UPS and often they screw it up. This time, the *** couldnt find my address. No calls for directions from him or anything! I called the office 3 TIMES and gave directions..

Still a no show. Last call to them they said they would re schedule delivery on Monday.. that waould 4 days from the supposed delivery date. These are LIVE trees!

and cannot be in a box that long. I told them to foget it, I would pick them up myself. I paid 50.00 in shipping charges and then have to pick them up myself? Well, the next day I drove out to get my trees...

This is in Sallisaw Oklahoma. What do I find? Locked doors. So I walked around to the back loading dock.

No one. I started calling out hello!! Finally I found a guy hid out in a small building. He took my shipping statement and went to find my parcel.You wont believe what we found there at the Sallisaw UPS Depot.

There were packages strewn everywhere around laying in the dirt, tossed under a picnic table and even out in the parking area (gravel and dirt in behind the UPS depot where they load trucks.) I picked a couple of them up, and they were full, taped, and addresses on them for shipping. And here they were tossed in the dirt, gravel and hot sun, just laying out there. Anyone could just walk off with them. Not stacked up, not in a neat pile...

I'm saying it looked like they just threw them out and left them lay where they landed. No wonder UPS is always losing packages for people!! Its probably stuck under a bumper or a wild dog drug if off somewhere. I couldn't believe it!

These people need put out of business and they have lost me as a long time customer. I have always shipped UPS and I do alot of shipping with our business.

No more!

S. Gardner

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