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today i saw the driver come and was rather excited but then expirienced the worst service ever. needless to say i was pissed off.

when asked a question he refused to answer and had a terrible attitude. he would very strongly refuse to give out their names and repeatedly told us that this wasnt their "job" etc. this worried me as maybe they dont even work for the company and is a scam of some sort, so then i called the company and found out that in fact they were their employees.then i decided to search online and not surprisingly found many complaints which also affected me,such as hidden fees and so on. we have already paid the company to ship the package to us but they have come up with aan array of fees.

when asked what they were they would not answer and tell us its not their "job". im sure this will relate to many of you but all i could get before i walked away in rage was their truck #: 672637 and licence plate (alberta, CA): J-42970

-sincerly an unhappy victim

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

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huh? you thought the guy who drove up to your house in a ups truck, wearing a ups uniform and delivering you a ups package is a scam artist who doesn't really work for ups?

wouldn't he just keep the item instead of giving it to you then? LOL


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