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I order a very expensive perfume set from an online retailer. A day later i was sent an email notice that my item has shipped and gave me a tracking number. I have been tracking it for 2 days, on the third day, UPS Tracking says its out for delivery and should be delivered by end of day. I got home early from work around 2pm.

I check my tracking number online to see the status of my delivery at 5:30pm (end of day) and it said it was delivered at 3:36 pm and signed by EE.

I immediately contacted UPS and told them that I never received the package and I have no clue who EE is. They try to tell me I need to contact the seller so they can put a trace on it.

Thats when I Blew UP!! I asked how can the seller trace an item that was delivered and signed for???? Then i asked to talk to a manager, they transferred me to another department and I had to go through the whole story again.

They told me they will contact the facility that where driver who handled my package works from and got my phone number and told me i should get a call within the hour.

I get a call 30 minutes later from Cathy, the drivers supervisor, she tells me her driver says he knocked on the door and no one answered and he left the package at the front door. I Blew UP!! again.

I told her why does my proof of delivery say it was signed off by an EE? She says she doesn't know why but her driver said he left it on the front door and if i can't find it to contact the seller and hung up on me.

I am beyond pissed and I will call UPS again in the morning and raise ***.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $120.

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