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We got scammed by their "insurance". We shipped something from Canada to the US, got it "insured" (haha what a joke) for its value (around $1500), it was properly packaged and everything, and when it arrived the computer inside the box was trashed. We used all the original packaging including the styrofoam pieces the box originally came with, everything fit together securely, and the computer was in working order. We had the computer diagnosed and even the computer's processor and RAM chips were destroyed and could not be salvaged, none of the computer's parts are salvageable.

We filed a damage claim and have been badgering them for over 2 weeks about this matter, no one has returned any calls as they've repeatedly promised, and have been jerked around. We have now been told that when you ship something via UPS, you are essentially giving them both your package and your money to ship it and there's never a guarantee it'll even arrive. If it's "insured", it's only guaranteed to arrive at the destination eventually (there's not even a promise regarding the time frame even if you pay extra to ship it "2nd day air" or any of their other time promises, it's just guaranteed to get there eventually!), and there is no insurance against damages unless you also pay them even more to have them package the box for you. Yeah, that's right. They deny any responsibility for packages damaged while in their care unless they've packaged it, regardless of if it is packaged to their own packing standards.

When you choose UPS, you choose to willingy give up your right to a package's safe and timely delivery unless you want them to soak you for extra money just to do their job correctly. Don't choose UPS, they're trying to scam you if they are negligent with your belongings during shipment and further trying to scam you with their "insurance".

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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yep it's true UPS sucks...that's why fedex is the top dog when it comes to handling our packages.

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