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I was supposed to have a package delivered to me by Tuesday but the UPS couldnt deliver it because they couldnt confirm the recievers name. That should not even matter as long as its delivered to the correct address.

I called and they told me they would deliver again the next day, guess what? same problem. One of their employers tell me that its in their like "holding tank" or whatever he also said that the driver delivered it to the wrong address and he'll try to get the package delivered one more time. Today i get home and my package still hasnt arrived, i call the UPS people back and forth explaining my situation to like 5 different representatives.

But each of them tell me something different. They told me my only option would be to go to the office (out of town) to pick it up. *** no! What about customer service?!

What has happened this week with this company is pure BULL, im never working with them again. They are liars! Im pretty sure they did not have the driver come to my complex about three times! UPS is suck, slow and full of excuses and lies.

DO NOT work with them!!!! seriously.

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