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I spent $67 to ship a custom-crated, well padded framed print from California to New York. Over half of the weight (and shipping cost) was the 5/8" plywood and 2x2 wood framing I used to protect the contents from damage, as these idiots don't give a *** about what it is they are shipping, just getting a paycheck at the end of the week.

My package showed up in NYC with the glass contents broken in a thousand pieces, and the limited edition framed print scratched & destroyed by the broken glass. If you use the words "FRAGILE" or "GLASS", it is guaranteed that the *** dock workers that handle your package will give it an extra hard toss, drop, kick or whatever to destroy the contents. I am absolutely certain of this! Standard handling does not produce the kind of damage that was discovered on the other end, despite the time, effort & expense by me to ensure my solid wood shipping crate was tight & bubble-wrapped to the extent that there was absolutely no movement of the contents inside.

THEY DESTROYED IT, ON PURPOSE! When I tried to file a complaint I was transferred to idiots in the Philippines who wasted a half hour of my time and two weeks later when I called to check status of my claim they had no record of it, so I had to waste more time filing a claim again, which was ultimately denied because the broken glass had been thrown out and not saved for their "inspection". MORONS - and OUTSOURCING AMERICAN JOBS, to boot! (although the Americans that handled my package dont deserve to have a job!).

Bottom line: ZERO DOLLARS refunded to me for damage. $67 paid to ship broken glass cross-country and destroy a $400 item!

The UPS Store is also to blame, as once they get their money all you will hear is "you need to contact UPS for that". DON"T USE EITHER AS THEY COMPLETELY SUCK!!!

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Hi~ if this was packed & shipped through a The UPS Store and they are telling you they cannot handle it, you need to call 1-800-742-5877 and ask to speak to customer service and report the franchise. This is not only a direct violation of their carrier agreement, it reflects poorly on all The UPS Stores and thus hurts the franchise as a whole.

If you didn't ship it through a The UPS Store location, all is not lost.

You can appeal the decision. Call the 1-800 number listed above, asking for customer service (ignore the voice prompts, just say 'customer service' a couple of times). Tell them you have documentation showing how the item was packaged and that your consignee did not know to save shattered glass (it was a health hazard at their location). If the customer service rep is not helpful, just hang up and call back until you get a helpful rep.

Most are helpful, but from time to time, some are not. Good luck!

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