UPS has contracted with the Post Office to complete some deliveries. If I ask for my package to be sent UPS I want it to arrive that way!

I don't want to got pick it up and wait in a long line at the Post Office. It also probably has my residential address on it which the Post Office will claim is undeliverable because it doesn't have my box number on it! This is a cost saving method of delivery offered to the shipper it doesn't help me at all.

It usually causes me to become Sherlock Holmes and track my package down. The Post Office is also very unhelpful in resolving issues!

Monetary Loss: $200.

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It's called UPS Basic, and yes, the sender requested it, no matter what they're telling you.


@SteveO- UPS does not hand over the package to the post office when they are told to. I asked the company I ordered from and they said they never would ask that.

I asked UPS and they said it was a way to cut costs and not because the sender is requesting it. Also, why would I take up poor service and lack of communication with the sender instead of UPS? Even if the sender did request that method (which they did not), it isn't their responsibility to hold UPS' hand and track my package alongside them. The sender paid UPS to do a job and they expect them to do that job, period.

I wouldn't complain to UPS that the product I ordered from the sender was sub-par or incorrect. Try ordering something using UPS and then we'll talk.


I am so annoyed with UPS!!!! I hate them and I want them out of business.

To try and cut costs they are taking away the one service that they offer??? Oh we don't actually deliver packages anymore we dump them at the post office and leave it to you to figure out. So if you paid for overnight shipping, 2 day shipping or whatever don't expect your package, don't expect to be contacted, and don't expect to get anywhere by calling them. I was told that it wasn't in their hands anymore and they just plain didn't know where my package was and oh well too bad.

Finally, after spending an hour and a half on the phone I am told it was actually taken to the post office. Why? No reason at all. Since there are 5 different post offices in the city I live in I then asked which one to which they replied, "oh we don't have that information all we know is it was dropped off at the post office." So I start calling all the post offices looking for my package and shocker no one can find it.

The post office seemed very annoyed, which quite frankly I would be too if another company started dumping their work onto me to take care of. I then decide to call every post office in the yellow pages and finally find my package in a city a half hour away. When I spoke with the post office they were nice and said they had been holding it for a while and were trying to figure out a way to get in touch with me but UPS wouldn't give them anything. One of the mail carriers was about to deliver it himself to me.

They were just as bewildered as I was about the obnoxious behavior of UPS. They knew UPS was trying to cut costs but to dump off a package and give the finger to not only a paying customer but also the people you are making to do your job for you. They don't get paid extra for this sh*t. I spoke with several colleagues who said they had a similar incident and did not want to use UPS ever again.

I would understand if it were a mistake, a one time issue, but it isn't, it's business UPS style. If you want to actually receive your package instead of paying to drive around wasting the day playing detective to get it, do NOT USE UPS EVER!!!


Take it up with the company you ordered it from. They're the ones who chose that method. UPS only hands it over to the post office if they're told to by the sender.

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