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I shipped an expensive sound board in an ANVIL CASE via UPS - I paid the UPS STORE #6158 in MDN, MS to pack it and I paid for insurance - maximum allowed. The Weight was less than 150 LBS.

When I got my package the box it was shipped in was damaged and my Anvil Case was BENT! After the gig was over, I boxed up the CASE in the original box and took it to another UPS Store #238 in Tamarac, FL. I told them about the damage and they said they would take care of it (inspecting it I guess?) - but they said the weight was over 150 lbs so they would need to PACK it again in two separate boxes & ship one ground and the other freight? Which makes NO SENSE - there's NO WAY the original package and contents gained weight - they just wanted more MONEY.

And they gave me an invalid tracking number so I couldn't even check on my equipment - after numerous e-mails, calls and attempts to FIND my gear - I found out that they let my Mixer and Case sit in the MIDDLE of their floor for 10 days doing nothing. AFTER I finally was able to track down my equipment, they finally shipped it out again, one regular ground, the other FREIGHT (I knew that was going to be BAD!) When I finally received my Mixer and Case the box was literally torn to pieces and the Anvil Case was bent WAY MORE - in fact, RUINED! I called the first store and told them about the problems and was assured they would take care of it - Three month later and NOT A WORD - so I called and was told my claim was denied - try filing it with Store Number 238 in Tamarac - but they have the WORST Customer Service anywhere and would NOT even return my calls. So I called UPS MAIN Customer Service and they said they would need PROOF so they sent a UPS truck to pick up my CASE - they signed for picking it up and again NOT a word for THREE MONTHS - I finally called only to be told my Claim was DENIED by UPS and that I should pursue this with the STORES - who both say pursue this with UPS as they are NOT affiliated just FRANCHISEES!

Huh? I'm sure the Stores and UPS both made money from my payment AND for the insurance - and NOTHING has been done - in fact, UPS KEPT MY DAMAGED CASE - and does NOT KNOW WHERE IT IS! So that's 6 months with NO CASE and my case is NOW just GONE! They all point the finger at each other - UPS for the store NOT PACKING IT CORRECTLY and the STORES blame UPS for negligent handling of the case - well they are ALL LIABLE!

I paid good money to ship and get insurance - now I have NOTHING - no case, no reimbursement, NOTHING! I'm taking them ALL TO COURT - as I have a LOT of experience in court so I'm suing for PUNITIVE DAMAGES (and other causes of action as well as blogging about them, filing BBB complaints and anything else I can think of including FILING a complaint with the ATTORNEY GENERAL Of MS! This is just dumb as just calling their respective attorneys to ask about representation will cost MORE than the case - IF I sue and WIN - which How can I LOSE? They will be out $15,000 or MORE and that's NOT including PUNITIVE DAMAGES that's just attorney's fees so everyone loses but the ATTORNEYS!

And I'll have to waste a TON of time drafting pleadings, etc - all over a $450 Case! This is pathetic the way they have set up their Franchisees and UPS - they act like they have NOTHING to do with each other - well then why do they say UPS STORE - and why does UPS pick up the packages there?

And why does UPS deliver the package to my HOME! They are running a subterfuge and a SCAM and I would gladly join in a class action and hopefully put them OUT OF BUSINESS as I can't count how many posts in forums and/or friends and associates that have had the EXACT SAME PROBLEM - Standard Procedure of Denial so people will just walk away - I'm NOT WALKING I'm running to the Court House to SUE!

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