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My exchange with UPS is below

Mike King UPS broke my garage door on Wednesday and still no meaningful response. Talked to customer no service multiple times. No help. So disappointing.

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UPS I'm so sorry to hear that Mike! Please email the details. location and contact information to so we can address this with the local management team in the area. -Sydnee

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Mike King Just did that from one of your colleagues response from a Twitter post. Hopefully this works. If not, I'll take the next appropriate public action. So sad, UPS use to be such a great company and provide great service. Nothing but trouble for the past few years at my location.

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Mike King Oh... I also got another call from UPS person complaining that I complained in a public forum due to the lack of response. How dare you UPS employee!!!! I tried to keep this private, but your lack of response left me no choice. Keep complaining and I will tell the full story about what a sorry service has provided at my location!

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UPS Mike, Did you get the name of who contacted you? -Wendy

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Mike King UPS UPS Have an email address and phone number but do not want to post that publicly. Can you send me a message that I can reply too privately?

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UPS Dear Mike,

If you are needing assistance, please email with the tracking number, details and a valid phone number. We will assist you.


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Mike King Over a week now and still no help. Have emailed repeatedly. Get a response back saying someone will respond, but it never happens. You guys have my phone number. I know that because someone called and fussed at me for complaining on Facebook and Twitter. Going back to posting in public now. Maybe someone will at least call and fuss at me again. So disappointed in this once great company.

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UPS Mike, I am sorry for the frustration. We will be glad to help you. Can you supply us with the incident number from your past email? -Wendy

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Mike King UPS Incident: 160408-032289

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UPS Mike, Thank you for the information. I will look into the progress for you and respond shortly through email. Thank you for your patience. -Wendy

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Mike King UPS Thank you Wendy.

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Mike King In an email yesterday from UPS, I was promised a call today by a manager regarding the status of my claim. Guess call. Beginning to find this hilarious. No I really am. Never seen a company that cared so little about customers. The DMV even provides better customer service. Just about ready to fix my own garage door and turn this over to a starving lawyer. He or she can keep whatever the judgement is.

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UPS Mike, I am very sorry you have not received a call back as of yet. I contacted the center and the Manager is out till Monday. I will follow up with the center on Monday, to see where they are at on your claim. -Wendy

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Mike King Yeah, Yeah. Keep hearing the same thing over and over.

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Mike King .....and a company as big as UPS..... you have no one else that could talk to me???????

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Mike King What if this person wins the lottery over the weekend and never returns to work. Am I just forever screwed??????

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Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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