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Update by user May 16

I pray to god that one day that someone finds the boss man that runs this crooked company and puts a bullet to your brain and brings this company to it's knees and I hope I will never have to deal with such a *** ING crooked company ever again But it's like I said this is just a prayer not like something I plan to do myself But I can say that this company will fall as well as many others that are falling to this day BUNCH OF THIEVING GOOD FOR NOTHING B A S T A R D S

Update by user May 12

UPS is going to rob the wrong MFer some time in the near future and that person is going to come after you and UPS will then take this issue more serious Most likely when it's to late when the law suit is just to much for you to handle But don't take my word for it UPS you just keep pushing you envelope and you'll see when it's to late Your going to be wishing you cared more

Update by user May 11

Just an update with no thanks to UPS I had to call up amazon to get a new mailing label from them so that I can send my package back to amazon which I mailed out today Thank you Amazon At least someone knows how to do their job right And FUQ UPS you sorry POS

Update by user May 10

Also I would like to add ; Even if I wanted to take the package to a pickup station I am unable to for I do not have an address and I have no idea how to find it

Original review posted by user May 10


I have a return that was supposed to be picked up today for a return to amazon and I am always home since I live with disability

After sitting at home all day twiddling my thumbs waiting on this UPS driver to pick up my package

Also before I go any further I have DVR CCTV Video surveillance at my front and back door So I think I would know when someone came knocking at my door I would be able to see them before I even answered the door since it is connected to a TV monitor

I even have a magnetic sign I put on my door to let them know to knock loud on my door Not that I really need the sign there because I would know since I can see outside my door

So at about 6pm I go to my door to to get my sign off the door since no one showed up and I called UPS at 6:34pm to ask about the package pickup and they said the UPS driver made an attempt to pickup at 2:31pm Which I already know that is a bunch of BS and even if they did make an attempt they at least were supposed to leave a return shipping label at my door "which was not" But I already knew it wasn't there since I already know they didn't show up in the first place UPS lies So on the phone the guy tells me that someone will be calling me back on this issue within the hour and to remind you that it was 6:34pm when I was told that ( Sarcastic HA HA ) Here it is hours later no call What a FUQING JOKE Not only do the UPS drivers lie but support fills their customers full of *** just to calm them down

UPS ? Why do you feel you have to lie when people already know the truth before we even speak to you This has been going on for years that I have been seeing people making complaints and showing there video surveillance videos where one guy recorded the driver just sitting on the street corner for a few mins not even a block from the mans house just to make a u-turn without even making an attempt to deliver the mans package when he was sitting right there watching and recording the whole thing and then he gets a message saying there was a delivery attempt made where no one was home WTF ! ? So what I am saying here is that I am not the only one that is having this happen WHY UPS ? WHY ? Enough with the lies UPS needs a perma fix Fire the drivers that do this

Now thinking about it , Shouldn't I have received an email letting me know of a delivery attempt if there was one ( I didn't )

Reason of review: Poor customer service They just kiss your *** to get you off the phone.

Monetary Loss: $80.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

UPS Pros: That mail theft is still a felony.

UPS Cons: Thoroughly unprofessional, Being given the run around to resolve issue, Did not say sorry, Lack of accountability.

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