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Update by user Jul 29, 2012

Note: recent deliveries have shown that they frequently deliver after 3, but also randomly deliver before noon. Different drivers?

We used to have the same driver every time and he was awesome. It would be incredibly helpful if they would at least fill out the time they attempted delivery, but they always leave that blank.

Original review posted by user Jun 28, 2012

Every time I order something and it is shipped through UPS, I don't receive it because they come to my house late in the day (usually after 3), they only ring once, and they can't leave a package at the door. I ordered a GIFT CARD and assumed it would simply be sent USPS, but no.

Half of the time I am actually home when UPS comes, but I'm either out on my patio at the time, or taking a shower. If they either rang more than once or simply left the package, it would not be a problem, but instead I'm expected to leave a note to tell them to leave it (and I have to do this every single time, it can't just be a standing order), which reveals to my husband that I have ordered something. Not cool when somebody's birthday is coming up. They don't even vary the time that they arrive, so if I don't happen to be home one day, they come at the exact same time the next day!

Like I am somehow more likely to be home? Unbelievable.

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all ups packages including ground and 3day are guaranteed date of delivery, only SOME 2 day and nda are guaranteed by a certain time of day.


Sign up for ups my choice...

Also ship it any way besides ground and you get a guaranteed delivery time.


So, apparently the fact that I WAS HOME at the time completely escapes the notice of every person who reads this post. They ring once and they leave, it is as simple as that.

They do not deliver at the same time every day, which means I have to be home all day if I have any hope of actually receiving a package.

And they don't always require a signature. I mostly order from Amazon, so it doesn't seem to be a difference of shipper.

All I'm saying, is I should have the option of having them always just drop it off, not that they should accommodate me in some outrageous way.


are you serious? you sound like an uptight witch who thinks the world revolves around you and your crappy gift card. Heres an idea, go the store to buy your *** gift card, get off your ***, stop lounging on the patio and stop expecting the man in brown to be there when you snap your fingers


Most people don't understand how deliver servces work and you are one of them. It is called a route for a reason. Just like your paper boy/girl, the driver has to maintain a certain deliver trace to be effective and get all of his work done for the day.

They come by about the same time every day.

Have you ever thought about having your package delivered to our place of business?

Also, UPS does not require a signature on a whim. Your address has either had a high claim paid to it, you live in an area that due to high crime/theft or the shipper does not trust you and is requesting a signature. UPS has what is called driver release and authorizes the driver to deliver the package without a signature. So, something is up with your address. Ask the driver why he can't driver release your package and go from there.


unbelievable is right. unbelievable that you think the UPS driver should completely change his route, risking delivering other people's packages late, in order to accommodate your shower/patio schedule.

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