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I paid $100.33 to have mine and my fiances passport, single status, and original birth certificate sent to Toronto to get legalized and translated into Spanish because we are getting married in the Dominican Republic Mid November 2014. I paid for shipping there and back as well to have someone sign upon delivery at both ends (seeing how its sensitive information and we did not want it getting into the wrong hands) So when the driver arrived at my apartment building I answered the buzzer seeing how it was linked to my cell phone but I was not home, I was at work. We had a conversation that I would let him into the building so he could leave a ticket on my mailbox so I could go and pick up my important papers at a UPS location and he agreed.

I came home to find no ticket and got in contact with UPS the following Monday only to be told he did in fact deliver my package.

When I had explained my story they said the notes indicate he left it at the door. But my package was no where to be found. Now I start to panic thinking some one in the building took my package and now has all the information they need to steal mine and my fiances identity.

Then I realize if I don't have this documents I don't have enough time to even replace them and get new paperwork made up. So I would not be able to have my wedding.

My worst nightmare came true, my wedding would fall through and I could easily become a victim of Identity theft, all because UPS couldn't follow simple instructions. Eventually they got in contact with the driver and he explained he slide the package under my door. My fiance found the package under our front door mat and nothing was compromised thankfully.

when I spoke to UPS again about how it was found and that the driver did not follow instructions twice and asked if I could get a refund I was told "You do not qualify for a refund because you did in fact receive your package and there was nothing they could do us, not even a penny"

What I ended up with was a headache, a heart attack, wasted time, and on top of it I added up the charges on my receipt and my total only came to $80.20 and I managed to be charged $100.33

I work in the service industry and I have never in my life been treated so poorly by a company that clearly made a mistake and almost cost me my wedding as well as my identity.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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