Yesterday a driver went down our road at least 15 mph faster than the speed limit. When I called to complain, they were nice and assured me someone would call "within the hour". No one did so far.

Today, apparently after hearing about my complaint, the driver just sped down our road "for good measure". When I called again, the customer service rep couldn't understand why I hadn't been contacted and told me someone would contact me "within the hour". It is now more than two hours and, surprise, no call and I still haven't heard back from yesterday--unless the driver was giving me the message!

It appears UPS does not care about safety and the law and has no problem allowing/encouraging its drivers to harrass customers. We get about 3-4 deliveries per week so you'd think they would want to keep us happy. Our regular driver is great but when someone else is delivering--usually no more than once a week--it's easy to see the driver is not our regular guy.

I guess my only recourse is to NOT use UPS whenever possible AND to keep my pets off the road. Unfortunately, one day they will hurt someone or someone's pet (we have about 15 horses on our road and sometimes they DO get out). If it continues, I can always contact an attorney or local law enforcement but that's a really hassle. As I see it, UPS just does what it wants.

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Here's how you can STOP UPS FROM SPEEDING in your neighborhood.VIDEO THE TURD BROWN TRUCK & DRIVER - speeding down your road and then POST IT TO FACEBOOK!!!

This is the one thing UPS cannot stand - told to me by a personal friend who is a UPS driver - post it to FaceBook!! The driver will likely then be canned!!

Poof!!No more speeding UPS TURDS in your hood!

Texas City, Texas, United States #1331148

ups driver in my sub was flat out speeding when I told him he said he doing 20 mph I told him he was full of it, he killed my dog

Old Fort, Ohio, United States #1272859

Today January 18, 2017 at approximately 2:05 pm your UPS truck was speeding approximately 50mph in a posted 25mph zone on Navajo Drive in White Mountain Lakes, Arizona.

Massillon, Ohio, United States #1249904

Just stop complaining. Use FedEx then. Ups will own them too in a matter of years.

Alhambra, California, United States #1245055

Today as I took my nephew to his job over in Carson/Torrance off of the 100 freeway....a UPS driver wouldn't let me merge on the 110 from the 405 and he actually sped up trying to move me into the median.

As I almost hit the side rail and was able to get on the freeway....he got behind me and flipped me off and got within a foot of my bumper. Then he pulled beside me screaming "F" you to me and my nephew over and and over and flipping me off. We let him pass and took photos of his plate and a short video of him acting like a *** with severe ROAD RAGE. They WILL terminate this *** or it's going viral.

License plate number is 8X21935 9:30 this morning!11.23.2016

San Antonio, Texas, United States #865324

I have UPS nicely to slow down on our street (he does 40+ in a 20 mph on a block with 35 children).He didn’t give a rats ***.

Very well.

Now every time I see UPS speeding I bean their truck with a soccer ball.I can’t prove they were speeding and they can’t prove I pegged them with a soccer ball.

Prospect, Connecticut, United States #863024

A UPS driver was going 60 Mph down my dead end road!And, it's all the time!

The posted speed limit is 25Mph!!!

He came within 2 Inches of killing my Grandson that is 3Yrs.Old!!!

Dallas, Texas, United States #803183

What you need to do is take you and Your *** animals inside your home.Animals are to be tied up and Not running around everywhere.Find something else to do with your time outside of *** with everyone else.You are a piece of" ***".I love my UPS person,He is always on time and He is very professional.

to ***nie #1042506

Wow ..we are glad you love yours ..but ours sucks ..speeds and doesn't share the road.

to ***nie #1311639

WTF kind of comment is that ?

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