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As my boyfriend can attest to, I've had many screaming matches with the robot on UPS's 1-800 line. I've torn up info notices and grumbled passive-aggressively at their "customer service" reps (about as nasty as I can manage since I can't even imagine working for this awful company).

I know no one from UPS gives a *** about their customers because people will inevitably continue to use their services. Most recently, today, I received an info notice on my front door for a package I've been eagerly awaiting. I knew I would miss it the next two days, so I went to log into their website to change the delivery address. I have two different shipping accounts, personal and work.

The system would not recognize either of my logins though I double-checked each (hey, I'm not an 80-year-old here; no offense, 80-year-olds) but was locked out both times due to too many login attempts. "Try again later" it said, even there are cut off times for these things. So I called the 1-800 number. First off as everyone knows, they make it insanely difficult to get anywhere, especially talking to a human being.

When I finally got the robot to do what I wanted I found out not only a.) my package delivery was supposedly attempted at 9am, yet my boyfriend returned home at 2:30pm and there had been no notice left yet; but b.) It's *** $6 to switch to a different delivery address vs. the $5 (ooh, big savings) to do it online. Hey, that would be great IF I COULD GET INTO MY *** ACCOUNT. Prior experiences have shown many delivery folks are full of s*%# and did not even ring our bell when claiming they attempted delivery; extremely late or damaged packages with seemingly no recourse; and the absolute dullards who one reaches on the help line who prove to be help-less.

I super duper hate UPS and tell myself I'm silly when I get so upset at them, but it happens so frequently maaaaybe it's their fault.

Anyway, just wanted to get that off my chest before I go fume some more over the crappy business practices UPS has. Go eff your collective self, UPS!

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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