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I have an Etsy business and mail custom furniture UPS ground on a weekly basis. Each store operates differently, the majority add inches to your Lx2Wx2H, they try and charge me a significant increase pushing my package into the oversized dimensions category.

I’m talking a 120 increase per package of totally made up dimensions. I have to argue with them to have them use the actual dimensions. They literally add 2-3inches per side L,W,H.

They give a *** excuse that its Incase the package swells during shipping. No package swells 2-3 inches in all directions but thanks for charging me $120 extra to cover your *** and rip me off

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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If you are going to a store and they are doing this then they are trying to get money out of you and making up an excuse. That store is ripping you off because they will get reimbursed the difference when UPS measures it as smaller.

The only thing that should be done is rounding up the inch. 16.25 inches is 17 to UPS, not 2-3 inches. If it's a regular store then report them to UPS.

If it's a UPS Store then report them to corporate. I used to manage UPS Stores and the guy who bought the stores from the original owner tried to do this stuff and I wouldn't allow it.