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I think the UPS Access Point program is a bad idea. Here's why: It allows the UPS driver to make one attempt to deliver the package that I paid to have delivered to my door, and if I'm not home, it is then routed to a UPS Store of the driver's choosing.

I live in an apartment complex. The driver can easily drop my packages at the management office, but UPS drivers are made lazy by this program, and instead choose to just drop my package wherever they feel like, leaving me to chase the package down or risk having it returned to sender. The driver has no incentive to deliver my package to the apartment complex office, because it's easier for the driver to just take it to some local UPS Store and dump it.

So the UPS policy now is that they'll try your door once, and if you're not home when it's convenient for them to deliver your package, then you are left to chase down your own package.

And that includes packages that you pay a premium to have delivered next-day. And those too are held up for at least another 24-48 hours.

So then I have to invest more of my time and $$ trying to locate and retrieve packages that I paid a premium to have delivered to my door. I called UPS customer service, who instructed me to open an account called "UPS My Choice" which would allow me to leave specific delivery instructions. WRONG!

It offers only a drop-down box with pre-chosen delivery locale instructions (i.e. management office, back porch, side door, etc.), but nothing user-specific, no individualized instructions. To add insult to injury, UPS WON'T allow my packages to be delivered to my apartment complex office AFTER front door delivery has been attempted, ONLY ONE CHOICE IS POSSIBLE. So now I will have to retrieve ALL of my UPS packages from my apartment complex office ONLY.

Bad, bad package company. I wish I never had to deal with UPS again, but for online purchases, I can't choose the carrier, only the vendor can.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Vehicle Driver.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I know you are mad but remember a driver is only a pawn, you don't blame the cashier at a fast food place when they change the menu

If you don't like it then let your voice be heard by the people who actually can change it instead of complaining to a place that can't do anything


As a UPS delivery driver, the problem we have is that most apartment leasing offices close at 5pm. On a route with a lot of businesses and pickups that must be serviced before 5pm, it leaves us to do the residential deliveries after 5pm.

If the leasing office is closed then all we can do is attempt to deliver at your front door. I understand your frustration with the access point program but at least with that option you are picking up your package from a business within 2 miles of your house. If you had to pick it up from the UPS center that might be up to 40 miles away. I'm not gonna act like the program is without its faults as you have pointed out quite a few.

But for a business that loses money on multiple attempts to deliver a package and for customers that we can't safely leave the package without high chance of theft I believe this program is a start at dealing with those issues. It's new and definitely needs some tweaking though.