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UPS now refuses to deliver my packages when it is not convenient for them, like during Xmas rush. I have a locked gate for which they have their own key.

They have left very expensive items propped by my gate in the rain a mile from my home. Many packages have been stolen over the last 14 years due to being left in the woods and not delivered to my door. I receive regular daily mail service from the USPS and Fed Ex, who manage to deliver to my door and keep up with their gate keys. I have an inoperable brain tumor and my daughter and I both are disabled and often are unable to drive.

Due to our disabilities we must shop by mail and internet and have many packages that must be delivered by UPS because that is the only company some shippers use. UPS has for several years managed to keep up with their key and unlock our gate to make deliveries, now they refuse to do this. At one time I spoke with one of the corporate managers, Jerry Sparks, and was assured that I would never have this problem again. Well Mr.

Sparks is no longer accessible and his promise evokes no response.

In fact there is no way to reach anyone in upper management according to Mahalia (no last name) in Customer Service. Speaking repeatedly to the local manager, DJ (No last name) who has very poor English (yes he is a native born North American not a foreign accent) and is very a insensitive bully who thinks the way to resolve this problem is to find someway to make it easier for his driver not to have to open the gate and deliver to the door as advertised. Mr. "DJ" admits that there are other locked gates that UPS delivers to, but insists that my gate is too much trouble to unlock.

The USPS, medical assistants, FdEx, utility companies and many others manage to operate this lock and indeed UPS is capable of this simple feat when they choose to do so. Indeed UPS has for the past several years managed to unlock and deliver packages to my door, again when it suits them. Due to this recent refusal to deliver to my door without notice our gift of Christmas dinner was returned and much needed medical equipment has still not been delivered.

UPS have you no shame. You can not expect to stay in business like this.

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mind if i ask, what part of the country are you in?

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