Last Friday morning, I ordered a package from Washington state, to be delivered to Los Angeles. I have made the same order from the same company several times in the last year.

This time, I paid for UPS 2nd Day Air; big mistake.

Instead of the parcel being sent from Washington to California - it is now sitting in Kentucky!

In what universe does that make any sense?

I thought the rule of the day was to cut spending, eliminate waste, etc?

And my arrival date is now Wednesday.

This is the last time I use UPS for anything. I stopped using FedEx when it cost me $75 to ship a $35 book - I guess it will be the good ol' USPS from now on.

Monetary Loss: $257.

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Mistakes are made by human error more than anything else. UPS will refund payment for premium packages not delivered on time. So, you'll get your package a day or two late, and eventually, it will cost you nothing in shipping fees.


what business is it of yours where the *** package is sent to first?? it cost what it cost!!!....if you don't like it drive your happy as* up there and get it yourself!!!!

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