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UPS has had my package since 12/21, but keeps blaming weather contitions and "Emergency conditions beyond UPS' control" for still not delivering. Since I live where it snows, you would think UPS would hire drivers that can drive in the snow.

There is snow on my road, but the Hondas and Toyotas have no problems driving on it.

It might help if someone at UPS was smart enough to try delivering during the day, instead of waiting until well after dark when the temperature drops below freezing again, as they keep doing. Also, Amy R., a UPS Customer Service manager, was absolutly no help when I contacted her by email.

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you`ll get your *** soon enough. why not call and see where you can meet the driver to get your ***?

really tough driving a few blocks when you`re so emotionally distraught over this. Who gives a ***, who gives a ***!

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