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After not receiving an overnighted package on Friday (I was not home so driver left a note on my door saying it would be delivered Monday, fair enough), my husband stayed home all day to make sure he could sign for it on Monday. On Friday the driver was "nice" enough to come up to the third floor where my apartment is and leave the note, on monday not even a knock a call, nothing.

My husband heard the truck drive away and no package. Instead he went downstairs to find a note saying delivery was attempted and nobody was home, a blatant lie. If the driver had come up the elevator he would have found my husband waiting at the door.

Anyway, that is not the worst part when he contacted UPS he was told that if the driver was able he would come back later. They would confirm within the hour. One hour passed and nobody had contacted him. He called back and they told him that he would for sure not be able to come back.

Being that it was my passport I was extremely upset when I came home and contacted UPS myself. I explained my situation and how the regular driver always gets into the building and manages to drop off packages even when the buzzer is broken. NO EXCUSE for what the driver did basically. I said if I dont get my passport which i need by the night I will be filing an official complaint against him.

They somehow managed to get the driver and he said he would drop it off. It was a different driver that said he had to go look for the first one to pick up the package. We got the passport at 5pm (instead of 10am) finally, in the knick of time. Issue solved right? I was happy with their response but kind of upset that I had to get angry with them to get anything done.

Well today, 3 weeks later I get a lecture from the second driver????? WHAT???????? "You're the one that complained huh?".... Me: "Not about you" ( he is the regular guy)...... him: "Still you dont complain"..... Really??? so you guys can keep doing a *** *** job without consequences?

I should have said that but I was in shock I was getting lectured by a UPS driver.

Then he says "your maiden name isnt even on the directory" .... as i said before the buzzer has been broken before and they still manage to knock on my door, it might have my maiden name but my Apartment number and first name are still on there and he managed to make it all the way up the friday prior. Again all of these things should have been said but I was in shock.

He then leaves and sarcastically says "thanks, Smith" (My married name) what an ***!!!! ughhhhhhhh oh and to top it all off the packages today were for my husband and they did not requiere a signature but he still asked for one. These people are full of excuses and not only that, they are rude!!!

I was in shock until now so had to vent here, unfortunately when I came to my senses and realized I did nothing wrong he was gone and I couldn't throw him my two cents. He obviously came with a mission to confront me about "complaining" even though in the end I didn't file a complain because I got my passport which is all I wanted. never ordering from them again good old post office is the way to go.

Maybe he'll come back and yell at me for this one too........

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