I had something sent to me on a wensday. It was 25 extra dollars for the 2 day delivery.

I played it. they sent it to the whisker location on Friday but it's Monday now and they haven't even shown there face now. Still waiting. Now can you explain if I pay for a delivery to happen in 2 days for an emergency.

Now it's on it's 6th day. Does that mean you wait 2 more days after you have it at your location to deside to deliver? Sadly I had the same thing shipped by the postal office and I had it in 3 days with no extra cost. Can you explain why we pay more for you to hold it longer?

Not deliver in the 2 days instead it takes 6-7 Days. I guess I know why FedEx is way better. *** even regular mail get's here faster and gives updates and a correct time also. Sounds like your whistler location gets paid to set on there rears.

I will never pay for your service again.

Until you can pay your employees to get off there rump. start with checking on why nobody gets anything on time.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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