Austin, Texas

I ordered a product for delivery to my home on Friday 11/27/09 - so I could enjoy it over the long Thanksgiving weekend. The item arrived in Austin, TX on 11/26.

On 11/27, it was listed as out for delivery at 8:53 a.m. I sat at the house all day waiting on them. At 11 p.m. it flipped to show a rescheduled delivery date of 11/30 but still shows "out for delivery" UPS has no idea where the package is or why it wasn't delivered.

They refuse to send it out Saturday, because it wasn't paid for Saturday delivery. They claim nobody is working at the service center on Saturday so I can't even go pick it up myself.

So they will deliver it to my house on Monday, 11/30 -- when I am at work -- and there is just "nothing they can do"

I don't allow my business to ship UPS for reasons just like this, and I think I will stop ordering from anybody who ships UPS. This total lack of regard for the customer is ridiculous.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

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UPS is a bunch of *** They break nearly everything you ship with em. They never deliver on time. Worst of all is the 2 seconds they wait after ringing your doorbell, and you get one of those godawful door tags instead of a delivery.


Total lack of regard for customers? What because they won't open their service center specifically for you?

If their company business are closed on weekends they can not just open on a Saturday for your liking. Your total lack of regard for their business and employees is what's ridiculous. Items gets lost, misplaced, or re-scheduled all the time. You are not the only person who uses their services.

Fedex for example delivers almost every single package I order to STREET instead of TERRACE. No matter how valuable.

Luckily it's an old lady who has no need for any electronics that I typically order. I think you have some serious maturing to do because this rant is ridiculous and childish.

@Grow Up Kid

Us customers pay good money, a lot extra to get our stuff shipped at certain times, I ordered a product with two day shipping once and naturally it came in 3 days, the day after I was already out of town but luckily some *** came by and picked it up for me on my front porch..I wonder when he will deliver it back to me? Oh that's right he won't because he's a *** thief and ups didn't come through for the customer and call it what you want but ups need to either get the deliveries correct or change the service to 3-5 day possibly more day air.

@Grow Up Kid

No you are wrong if I tell you I am guaranteeing you something and enter into a legal contract with you and then I break that guaranteed contract I can be held legaly and

financialy responsible for your damages


I was sent a package that was supposed to be delivered on Jan 3rd by Next Day Air. They failed to deliver the package on the 3rd, and even the 4th (a Friday).

It is now the 8th, and I have not yet received my package, despite my contacting UPS multiple times. I even spoke to a local UPS manager who had assured me that the package was on the truck.


Yep, got burned by the same service. Ordered UPS 2nd Day Air on a Tuesday and didn't arrive until the following Monday.

A big fat lie. I want my money back.


A wise man said, "I once became a fool for relying on a fool."


I ordered a katana for tameshigiri (no kiddin') almost three days ago to date. I'm beginning to clearly sense the fecklessness of UPS and their so-called 'guarantees'...


Paid for 2nd day air, package shipped Sunday, should be getting here Thursday. No holidays, has taken 4 days AT LEAST to ship.

Get the job done, or get the *** out.

*** UPS. You don't deserve my money.


You can't ship out on Saturdays ! WHY !

Im sitting here furious too , it seems as though it is just common courtesy to do those kind of things for free !

My package is 30 minutes away from me in seacacus NJ , and has been for nearly 20 hours , by the time i get my package ill have no time to enjoy it either cause ill be off to work ! Dammit maybe should have just ordered it on a different day


Yeah I'll try not to swear. Well that's the last time I order from UPS, or at least choose "SECOND day air".

Same thing with me Dave! I ordered my package Sunday, got shipped Monday, it's now Thursday and they say it'll come Friday ON TIME!?!? That's ***, even a kindergarten student can count to two.

Congratulations UPS, you can count to all the way to four! ^____^

Spread the word and put these lames out of inconvenient business!


I paid for second day delivery and my box shipped 7 January 2011, it is now 12 January 2011 and no package! FedEx has NEVER been late.

I will never use UPS for my business again. Corporate or personal.


i paid more for 2nd day air but get it same time as a 3day ups ground. >.


How a 2 Day air shippment turned into a 8 day and counting delivery...

I shipped a package to a friend in Cali 2nd Day air. Paied EXTRA for 2nd Day Air so that it would be GAURENTED there by end of business Tuesday.

Because I shipped the item Friday I could understand that it would take Monday & Tuesday to deliver it (Two Business days).

First the package was "mishandled" went to Broklyn instead of California...I uderstand those two places are easy to confuse being on opposite ends of the continent and all. Then the delivery date was "rescheduled" for Wed and CustomerDisservice swore up and down it would be there...unfortunately they forgot to load it on the plane and the next flight arrived too late to deliver it on Wed...again I was promised it would be there the next day" and then again and finally when it didn't arrive on Friday they realised they had no idea where the package was since it never arrived at the local distribution Depot.

Customer service was a joke since all they would ever say is "we can't find that out" "we can't do that" "we promise it will be there tomorrow". Customer Disservice also repeatedly told me lies because many of the things were contradictied when I finally reached a Senior Supervisor such as "we can't call the depot noone is there" and then the Senior Supervior would call them and report back to me the results of the conversation...



What are ridicules are your comments second day air from a Friday is Tuesday July 6th 2 business days with Monday being a holiday that makes 2 business days wed. July 7th. I guess you getting your USB is more important then UPS employees celebrating the forth of July.


i ordered flash usb on July 2nd, i chose ups 2nd air, but the estimated delivery date is July 7th. it is realy ridiculous!!! i will never choose ups.


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I'm pissed I paid for 2nd Day Air not freakin 3 day air. Get your workers to do the job that we paid for.


A company shipped me a package on Monday the 7th, 2nd day air, today is Thursday the 10th, and it's still not here and they quit delivering at 7:00pm, it's now 7:30. Tomorrow is the 11TH. Can someone explain to me what "2nd air" means cause it isn't jiving in my head.


I am on the phone with them as I type this. I had a package that was 2-day air and my status says on time.

However, its 8:46pm Central Time. They told me that my package should be at my home by midnight!!!

What kind of company delivers to a residence by midnight? I hate UPS!

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