Ordered goods on Wednesday. Paid extra for 2nd day delivery, but won't receive goods until Monday, 5 days later.

UPS received goods on Thursday, but doesn't count Thursday as day 1.

UPS counts Friday as day 1 (which is really day 2)

UPS doesn't count Saturday -- as a "business" day even though the company does business worldwide on Saturday.

What's the point of paying for 2-day delivery if you really get it in 5 days unless you pay extra again for Saturday delivery.

False advertising! Bad service! I will never use this company again.


Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

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Avondale, Arizona, United States #824123

All you white trash talking about "you have no right to be upset the postage didn't get there when the contract you agreed to by paying for said it would" are probably too *** to read wtf I just said. Man, I hate white trash.

That's why I vote republican- just to know you idiots aren't benefitting from my tax dollars. *** white trash, how did you even get a computer to type on?

Someone who probably has a problem with their mail showing up late must have taught you on their computer. Hahaha trailer trash


UPS keeps sending my package back and forth from Spokane to Hermiston because *** at Sprint put the wrong zip code on the package. And they are even bigger idiots at UPS because they cannot figure out where it needs to be with the city and state, or at least send it back to the sender.

I finally got ahold of someone who works at UPS in Hermiston where the package was at and she actually got mad at the fact I had their number because I guess it was not supposed to be given out (I did enough complaining with customer support they finally gave me Hermiston's direct line) and she did say she would have their team physically look for the package and make sure it went to the right place which is Vancouver, WA. Well what do you know, it is back in Spokane again, complete opposite direction. And the lady at UPS tried to tell me that it goes through and automation machine and if the zip code is wrong they don't know where to send it so I made a comment that I should have sent it though postal service and she tried telling me they use the same technique. BS on that because my husband used to be a supervisor in the automation department and if the zip code did not match the city and state they either pysically looked it up themselves and if they still were unable to determine the correct address they would send it back to the sender.

But these idiots won't even send it back to Sprint. And Sprint refuses to send us a new phone because according to the tracking number it is "in transit".



Where in the Constitution does is say you have the right to life liberty and Saturday package delivery.

The older I get the more I believe I live in a country of jackazz’s. Thanks Eric for proving my point.


So what about those of us who have a business that operates 24/7? Where is our rights to have it ordered on Wednesday morning, and should get it by Friday or Saturday!?

My BUSINESS runs on Saturdays.

The days off mon-fri operations is over people. This planet earth runs 24/7.


What time did you order on Wed??? If UPS didn't get the pkg until thurs, then next day air would be?

say it with me...friday-that's correct. Now, the tricky part- 2nd day air would be.....?


you're just learning that saturday isn't a business day? you're new to earth aren't you?


So if they had received a 1 day package on Thursday should it arrive same then??

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