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The UPS won't deliver my packages to my door . :( I have no car, I don't drive and they keep giving excuses why they can't deliver to my door .

and this has happen more than one time . #1 excuse: Your driveway has to many ruts in it, we had it smoothed down. #2 excuse : Tree branches hanging over the drive way, we went and cut all the branches that we could reach with out getting in trouble with the new owner of that land . #3 excuse: It's to muddy, my friend got that one today .

My dad is in rehab and is coming home tomorrow. The deliver was needed to be here before he got home .

I think UPS should go out of business .

They care more about their trucks than their customers. I think if you pay for delivery and it posted to be brought to your door that is what you should do.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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