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I shipped an overnight letter from Flowood, MS on 12/20/12. I shipped it to Riverside, CA and it did not arrive until Dec 24.

UPS charged my credit card $ 38.08 for this terrible "overnight" service. I actually arrived in Riverside , CA before the letter arrived. This letter contained a payment that was subsequently late. I called UPS billing and was told that their terms allow them to make any claims they want and still charge you a premium rate for less than poor service.

According to their time line the letter was shipped by truck from Kentucky to California and that even though the package was in California on Friday the 21st, I did not pay an additional premium on their already over priced charge so it sat there for 3 days before it was delivered.

I will use FEDEX or the USPS from now on. Terrible service should not be rewarded with continued patronage.

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Vancouver, Washington, United States #586750

if your item was late (due to a missort, late plane, bad weather, etc) it would be delivered the next BUSINESS day. in your case that would be monday, as it's the next business day after friday

all carriers have the same policies. unfortunately you are too ill informed to understand.

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