i did a online app tp aply for a holaday job with ups did there intervew and the orientaton i need some paper work i had to spend 80 dollers to go get i drove 200 miles and got it then came back at the end of the meeting with all of us they said wait to get a call from a drive to meet him ok cool well here i sit every mornin from 7 am to 10 am waiting and hoping to get a call from them well i gess the money i spent was for a job but was ment for x-mess thanks truely for a 18 doller pay check that did nothen but gave ups a tax wright off for hireng holladay help that realy wasnt used it so fun to get you'r hops up to not be abel to get x-mess for your son agen thank u for the wonderful job UP'S i hope u all at UP'S have a awsem x-mess NOT Dave Madorsky :)

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