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Save yourself the stress and heartache and don't bother mailing ANYTHING with UPS. Your package is more likely to get to you if you let it fly away in the wind or attached it to a pigeon carrier.

I had a time sensitive package sent to me via UPS's 2nd day air service from Pittsburgh to New York on a Tuesday, due to arrive on the Thursday. It is now Monday night and the package, which I have a tracking number for and have been tracking, has not arrived. This wouldn't be so devastating if UPS bothered to be forthcoming, or if I hadn't taken the last 3 business days off to literally sit and wait for this package (that was only sent via UPS because it is literally life altering and I needed the assurance that it would get here ON TIME). Instead, UPS seems to have taught their customer service people to flat out lie to you. On Thursday, the excuse was that it was sent to the wrong center and they needed to redirect it to the correct center. On Friday, the excuse was that even though they spent the day telling me on the phone that the package was on its way to be delivered, they in fact forgot it at the facility. On Saturday, they said that they do not make residential deliveries and will in fact have my package to me early Monday morning and will have the center that now has my package, call me themselves. When I asked them for the center's address, so I can pick up the package, they admitted to not knowing which center my package was with.

No one called me on Monday. I called them, and they said the center will be calling me and that the package is in fact out for delivery. At 9am, they said the package will be here for 7pm. At 6:50pm, they said the package will be here for 8:30pm. After about the 6th call, someone from the center finally called to assure me the delivery truck had my package and was on its way. The center eventually just stopped picking up their phone for me or the customer service staff. At 8:30pm, the customer service staff said the package will be here for 10pm. At 10pm, the manager finally admitted that the package will not be arriving today, but again claimed it will arrive by end of the day on the next business day. FINALLY, the manage agreed to give me the address. I'm about to go there an hour before their doors open so I can sit there and hopefully get my package when they finally open their doors. All I can hope for at this point is that they haven't lost my package.

Believe me when I tell you that you're better off with any OTHER company. UPS will take your money and your package and run and pay their employees to LIE to you for kicks.

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When I read these complaints I realize how lucky I am here because I have awesome UPS service at my apt complex. We've had the same driver for many years and he is absolutely fabulous.

Sorry not everybody is as lucky. (I have an awesome FedEx driver as well, luck of the draw I guess)

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