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lost package,left e-mails and phone message to service response.they did logic tracking which means they actually never scanned it after it's been almost 3 months and all i get is a run around.many stories and no was insured but no step(i recomend)small claims court,BBB and complaints with names of service reps that never responded to the upper management at UPS.the standard company policy seems to be avoid and the customer will give up.what happened to the old UPS you could trust?they have been going downhill for years and when they have a damage or loss it is denied.just more profit for an already greedy company.

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I think now would be a good time to put up some specifics as far as shipping goes.USPS has Priority Flat Rate shipping boxes(free).Unbelieveably reasonable and fast.UPS has Surcharges and added fees for everything,just to add profit to their bottom line.In the mean time they continue with poor service(left a package in the snow w/o covering it this winter)and don't even take care of the packages they are entrusted with.I request either FedEx or USPS when I purchase something,but some still insist on using this Dinosaur of a shipping nightmare.Do yourself a favor and avoid UPS at all cost.They appear to care much more about $$$$$'s than people.

Columbus, Ohio, United States #796315

Boycott UPS, check out the facebook page and dont foret to like it.


Wth are you talking about? Incoherent?

Have you read any of your ramblings, cupcake? Then douchester wow sympathizes with you and that somehow proves....what exactly? That you are both delusional. Ok.

Well you can follow the advice that's been given or continue your jousting with windmills. You certainly deserve what you get.

to buddha and wow, sittin in a tr #796355

well,they finally paid after four months of avoidance and neglect.I understand that.UPS has got better things to do than be responsible.There's not much profit in delivering service after you have the money for a job you didn't do.


WOW thank you for your shows that the post are correct and these UPS post with deprecating dialog are truely incoherent.further im not brain dead or's real simple i'm here because i found a format to air my dissatisfaction.i will get this resolved but it won't be from giving info to the people who are not in control of it's outcome.this is more about the policies i've seen and how i've dealt with them in the past and to try and help people deal with the UPS the way i have all the documentation that transpired with everything i've stated,past and present.


Pot, have you met kettle?

@"wow," what does the meaningless post of yours have to contribute?

Bwahahaha, thanks for trying though, sweetheart.

to speaking of ***s #796353

I once again recognise a UPS spinner and your name calling won't even stop any intelligent person from getting the message.UPS is summarily dismissing the claims of evry single person that has some form of loss with them.Basically they feel they are to big to fail.

Ambridge, Pennsylvania, United States #441345
So apparently you all are the saviors of the pissedconsumer website :grin Why should she have to supply a tracking number to you? This site is for complaining about service or lack of service.

NOT for other posters to "help" her. It's so sad what morons you all are :sigh
to Wow #796350

people who view this should recognise the UPS(employed) spinners that try to remove the negative comments by "Spinning" and name calling.It might work in politics but I don't believe that the growing numbers of customers that UPS is alienating will buy the spin or believe this tripe.I will continue to expose this lame company and give my business to the USPS.There's a lot of shipping I do and I gladly like the money I save and the service from the USPS.


I thought you weren't going to respond to me again, guess I'm a hard habit to break.

IF you were an employee of UPS it seems you would know what a tracking number is and how the system works, yet you come here incredibly confused, post numerous conflicting rants, claim you have sued (and won) numerous times, yet can't manage to end in required paperwork.

I'll lay it out for you...

Call UPS, 800.742.5877

Refer to your "claim number" and include the TRACKING NUMBER

Ask them to email the form needed to file a claim.

Fill out the paperwork, attach the proof of cost on the product, proof you paid for the shipping, provide the TRACKING NUMBER

Wait for check to come in the mail (10-14 days)

Take check to bank, endorse, hand deposit to teller

Go home, take meds

When check clears go buy a clue.

See, that wasn't very difficult, assuming you actually USE the half a brain I assume you have. Who knows, maybe I'm giving you too much credit. I don't work at UPS, but ship daily, have ad to file a claim in the past and it's not nearly as difficult as you seem to think. It all starts with the TRACKING NUMBER. It's not like we're talking about damage where most people think any kind of packaging will do, IF you have a TRACKING Number, the package shows as a lost package after UPS has done a trace, and you file the required paperwork, you will get paid.

Why is it so hard for you to follow such simple steps?


i thought i could defuse your attack by giving you the pending claim#3638536201 A.this should put your UPS generated spin to bed.this is just more of what i have experienced for the last 3 months.i hope many people are watching this banter because your comments come from your different user names the motive is absolutely clear.Are you watching this America?this is only $80.00+ shipping.what is your problem?you lost my package and refuse to compensate me.


for your insulting comment,i quit and went into business on my own and have been doing very well for almost 30 years.the facts speak for themselves.they lost a package and can't recover it for who knows's real simple,send back my merchandise or pay me.i don't have an"axe" to grind.i know what a co this 1906 founded company has become.i understand how they became so efficent,trustworthy and profitable they grew to was built on their reputation.many people now find them in avoidance tactics.all i really want is to resolve this.the fact is that as long ago as 15 years ago i had to sue we both know UPS is self insured and it appears by denying claims the profits go much is enough.why can,t i have my package back or even get the value of it? don't think your being productive for your i believe this is a thin fasad/spin taken to damage control mode.if you really want to clean up your reputation,take care of your next step will be small claims court.


You are a past employee, likely fired for incompetence, have an axe to grind and think making up stories will get you some measure of revenge.

Well, thanks for finally coming clean and admitting this all never happened.

Case closed.



BBB,i don't know who you are.your comments are demening. i'm not "cupcake" and ***.i used to work for UPS until they took the money train instead of the proud train.secondly,i've been shipping 38 years and can't believe the latest stall tactic.if you are affilated with UPS your aggersive dialog is getting to be a new suprise.if your just a heckler it doesn't change anything.don't post to me again,i'll handle this with the responsible people.really i don't even know who you are!


Wrong answer cupcake. Providing the tracking does not REVEAL anything about you or your recipient, unless we were logged into your account.

Post the info and be proven wrong, or choose not to and we all assume you have something to hide ie you are a liar.

Based on what you have already posted you are obviously confused, my money is on you being dead wrong and/or screwing up something. The shipping process really isn't that difficult, if you have a half a brain.


i'm not comfortable with giving the tracking # on the internet because it reviles my address and also my consignees address.if this is relevant take it to proper channels.if this info is coming from UPS,you are trying to defend your company on a public format.

update.i asked twice for a physical claim form to be mailed to my Po Box today there was nothing waiting for me.perhaps you could e-mail me a contact address so i can keep my information relative to my privacy.


Let's see the tracking the tracking # here. You have lost touch with Buddha or your brain cells.


i supplied tracking number and pending claim # on several occasions.i left my phone # and e-mailed local center rep where package're making excuses and assumptions about my post and you obviously didn't read it.this has all been well i've been promised on two occasions that i would get a claim form mailed that i could fill out and return since for some reason your PDF won't download for has never showed up and if you think i'm going to quit on this your incorrect.i've got documentation on the steps and intentend to keep trying till i get the value of the package and then it's my turn to put this in the hands of some people who can get some answers why your service has become so difficult.i do believe it's a wear em' down tactic.just like every damage claim is denied.UPS self insures and they have everything to gain by protracting an issue.this makes a good case for using the USPS.another issue since we're on the topic of dissatifaction,you have so many surcharges that your prices have gotten much too high and unreasonable.whats with the residental vs business surcharge?whats the difference,you don't get a signature anymore?


What was the tracking number???? Why don't people understand that they MUST provide DETAILS to get help from us??????

Sai Yok, Kanchanaburi, Thailand #435814

whats the tracking number?

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