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I ordered my school books 3 weeks prior to the day of the winter semester, and I was told they would ship through UPS and be about 7-10 business days. That is not a problem.

But I suppose that UPS thinks I will sit around all day and wait for them to bring my packages. After the 2nd attempt, I called and requested that the agent leave a message for the driver to leave it with my apartment complex's leasing office if they arrived between 4 and 5 because I work everyday at 4 and my roommate isn't home until about 5:15. The woman informed me that she could not do that. After the 3rd attempt, UPS sent my books back to the sender.

When I called to complain, a 2nd agent told me something completely different than the first; she asked me why I hadn't left specific instructions! When I called the next day and requested to speak with a supervisor, I was told that my situation was out of their control and that I needed to contact the sender (Chegg). It was now Saturday, and Chegg is closed on Saturday's aside from their "emergency" email. So, I emailed Chegg about the situation, and they were gracious enough to resend a brand new order so that I could get my books on time (or so they hoped).

Once again, I called UPS. I requested to leave the delivery instructions, and the employee told me that they had it in there. Chegg had split my delivery between FedEx and UPS this time around, and the FedEx portion came early Tuesday morning, but there was still nothing from UPS. Fed up with the UPS phone service, I tried their live chat.

I was connected with Diego G and relayed my situation to him. Then, I asked him to simply double check to make sure that the delivery instructions were still in the packages details. He told me that it was not possible to add delivery instructions, and that it was the "driver's discretion" whether to leave the package or not............... I then requested to be called by a manager, and he took my information and told me I would recieve a call within the hour.

Seven hours have passed..... still no call.

Not impressed at all! FedEx is the way to go!

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i suppose you think UPS should wait at your house till you get there.... i understand the importance of your books...

but you obviously had them delivered to an apartment building for the discretion of the driver was to take the package back. if you think that bringing your books all the way to your house, and of course you ordered something that you were not going to be there to recieve. You have to understand these people are running a business and although your package is important, so is everyone elses that ordered something and is patiently waiting on the UPS man to deliver. If your going to complain.

you instead have the package shipped to the adress someone will be there to recieve it.

I mean, meet the guy half way ,....... he does bring it to your door rain or shine.

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