We sent over 1100.00 worth of equipment to Maine using UPS. When it arrived the boxes were totally smashed and the parts inside were smashed to the size of Lego's.

After going through a long claims process and filling out papers and faxing them back we were told we would be completely reimbursed. After about 5 days a UPS rep called and said that we would only be given 200.00 back. We had the receipt and everything. The person said there was no manger or supervisor I could speak to and just apologized.

Pathetic that a company that whole premise is delivery and they can't even get that right!! Thanks for blowing our Christmas money!!!

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I disagree. I think a company should cover ANY damages they cause.

If im paying good money to entrust UPS with my valuables, id expect them to be responsible with them. I should NOT have to pay them extra just so they'll own up to any damage that they cause.

If they dont want to pay for peoples damaged goods then maybe they should stop treating their items like trash. I understand it is necessary to buy insurance to make UPS responsible for their mistakes, but that does NOT make it right!


You should have paid for extra insurance. You went cheap, you got cheap in return. Nobody to blame here but, you and your horrible packing.

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