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Could UPS be a sh**ier delivery service. I've had UPS deliver packages to my house many times and every time they have, there has been no knock on the door, and a lot of the times they don't even set the packages by the door.

They THROW them at the door. They've also just tossed items with "Fragile" printed up the side over the back fence. I'm just glad the Fed-Ex delivered my laptop, printer and Genius tablet. I couldn't imagine what would have occurred if it was UPS.

They've destroyed more things than they have delivered in one piece. Last time I had something delivered via UPS (Genius Tablet replacement pen), the box was carelessly thrown at the door and it was completely demolished. I can only hope that the darn pen still works. I paid twenty frickin' dollars for it, five dollars for shipping.

I can only hope that all the rest of my packages are NEVER delivered by UPS again.

I could never recommend UPS for any form of shipping. Don't ever use UPS for shipping anything that you really don't want destroyed.

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First off, I do not work for FedEx. I was giving FedEx a compliment for their service, which is far superior to UPS's from my experience.

Second, just because you've never had UPS throw a box over a fence doesn't mean that they never have.

I'm sorry to say but that is the experience with UPS. It may not be true for all, but it's true for me.


Sounds like you work for Fedex. UPS does not throw boxes over the fence. This is a made up story by a Fedex employee drumming up Christmas season shipping business.

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