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its amazing to me how such a large "successful" company can have so many drivers with brains the size of a golf ball. I live in an apartment complex where you have to be buzzed in.

he tried to deliver a package at 11 am while I'm at work. Ok , the next day they again try to deliver at 11am. how smart do you have to be to figure out hey the guy must be at work may be I'll leave this one for last. when you call customer service their only answer is the driver can't change his route.

so I say fine send it back I wont use ups anymore. and they could care less.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Customer Care.

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Once again Kookla you display your Einstein size brain, did you ever think of sending the package to a friend or family members address with these simple words “in care of “ (C/O). It’s not that hard even you can do it.


LOL @ dumbassery


How would you know if he rang the buzzer or not? You weren't home! And FYI, the driver is responsible if he leaves something without a signature and it gets stolen.

You should really stop responding before you dig yourself into a deeper hole of dumbassery.


So you expect the driver to completely change his route, risk delivering other people's packages late, just to accomodate your work schedule?

Who's brain is the size of a golfball? Lol dumb people are so fun.


I guess everyone who lives in an apartment should stay home from work because an incompetant driver doesnt know how to deliver a package or ring a buzzer


Its amazing to me that a smart intelligent person would have a package delivered to an address where he knows no one will be there to accept it.

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