Lakewood, Colorado

6/13/11 Origin Zip 89115 Las Vegas, Destination Zip 80203

Service standard (days)* 2 (scheduled delivery, Wednesday, 06/15/11, by end of day.

* Service Note : refers to Holidays (NO Holidays between 6/13/11 - 6/15/11

6/13/11 Las V, NV 6/13/11 Shipment picked up, and at UPS Freight location.

6/14/11 Salt Lake City UT, 6/14/11 arrived and departed

6/15/11 Denver CO, shipment arrived at service center, ~8am.

6/16/11 11:10 am: Shipment delivered to destination ~27 hours after, after scheduled delivery date, and clearly posted 2 day delivery.

When I tried to contact UPS about this, UPS's supervisor Michael Z. in Richmond VA, his reasoning was 2 days does not mean 2 days. I was told by Supervisor that I needed to request UPS's RULES AND TARIFFS first before using UPS for shipment, and have them faxed to me. NO where does it state to request these documents next to the number 2, or by a single *. Any one entering this information for shipping is LEAD to believe that one can expect delivery in two (2) days. After all, That is what UPS's confirms, in writing, on the invoice.

UPS refused to refund the shipping charges of $125.00 because the shipper entered the order, not the receipent of the package. I, the consumer/receipent/final shipment destination, paid for the charges on my cc. According to UPS the original shipper needs to file the report, and refused to refund shipping charges.


Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $125.

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You are supposed to get them an extra day for 2 days delivery. I have 2 days air delivery and the shipment got stuck in the hub by my place for a day now and it has been two business day.

Since tomorrow is a weekend, they wont process the delivery until Monday.

So, it is risky to order two day delivery on a Wednesday if you expect to see the package on Friday. However, UPS 1 day delivery is more of a promising service.


Common Sense your comments are proof positive of the dummying down of America nobody said that the rocket scientist who wrote this complaint should not get a refund just that any *** can see UPS will refund the money to the person on record of paying them in this case the shipper.


I say if UPS says guaranteed in 2 days,then it should be there in to days. If not they did not live up to their promise.

I think you should get some sort of refund.

We can not let these companies get away with it.

After all it is only commonsense


Is it my imagination or are the people on this site getting dum-er. Did you actually say they should refund the money to you just because you say you paid for it.

UPS is supposed to believe you with out question because all people are honest and nobody lies about money. What kind of fo ol are you?


There are a variety of reasons a package can arrive late, weather, mechanical breakdown, human error, etc. It is also possible the package was tendered too late for guranateed delivery. UPS will only pay on what is in it's control, ie human error, breakdowns etc.

In any case...The shipper is entitled to a Guaranteed Service Refund (GSR) if the package was not delivered in the proper time frame, excluding acts of God etc. The recipient, whether paying for the charges or not, is not the shipper. Same with all shippers, btw.

Ask your shipper to refund the charges to you, they can settle with UPS if the