I have had four UPS shipments from on-line companies over the past year. None has been delivered to my address.

The latest delivery was while I was at home (same as the last 3 messed up shipments). I was tracking and it stated on truck for delivery. As I sat waiting, I tracked again and it stated Delivered, Left at Front Door. My door bell was never rung, and I immediately went to the front door: no package.

I checked around the building (as instructed by UPS on previous missing shipments) and no package anywhere. I contacted UPS with no luck. Even though the driver had supposedly just left, they would not contact him to ask where he left the package. They told me to contact the shipper to initiate a trace.

In addition, I was told that the driver also had a supervisor riding with him to

audit his deliveries: you've got to be kidding. Even with a supervisor, they could not deliver a package. This is the fourth consecutive messed up shipment by UPS.

I have had seven successful FedEx deliveries and four successful Priority Mail deliveries in the same time period. What does that tell you?

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Mail Service.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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Newbury Park, California, United States #764329

It tells me what I already know, that of all the options, UPS is by far the worst choice of them all. The word is getting out on them now.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada #734755

I too have experienced horrible service at the hand of UPS! For some reason they seem to have an inability to follow the directions on the package that says to Buzz# and then we will meet them downstairs in our lobby.

It really seems like they never ever come to my building period from the looks of it. When you order from online retailers it is very frustrating that you can not request they use a different courier.

I have ordered in the last month 3 text books and none of them have been delivered to my place of residence. I don't even get those "we missed you slips".

I always have to go back to the retailer and search the tracking number from them then go to the UPS site and put the tracking number in and find out from there where the *** my package is. I mean MY GOD why can't they at least leave me the slip saying they tried to deliver? I absolutely hate dealing with them. I recall one time I ordered a blender and they explained when it should arrive etc.

After a week from the date I called them up and said hey I ordered an item I was home and no delivery..the rep on the line did some digging for me and wait for it..wait for it....it was delivered by UPS, I got the tracking number and called UPS to find out where my package was. Do you know that the UPS rep had the nerve to tell me that they were about to send my package back to the shipper!

That was when I lost it....how dare they send a package they never tried to deliver to me at all...I went on to explain in detail what I had gone through to discover that it was them that should have delivered it. They offered to re-try and I basically refused and explained that I will go up to the facility myself and get MY package since they are so incapable of doing their primary job of delivery.

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