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Receptionist intercomed to give amount on COD, then called to say driver said he did'nt have time to wait and left which surprised her.

Manager said lodge complaint. Was told they would contact us in an hour. Called back that afternoon and they said they had put urgent on the request.

Never heard until next morning. Rena in Bristol, Va left message to call.

Did: Wanda said Renea on line, would have her to return call. After 2 hrs, I called back. Per Barbara, Renea had left, leaving note saying no good number. duh. She called and left message first.

UPS is not consumer friendly in this opinion. Will try to use and request other carriers.

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good job kim! hairysmart your not so smart.

if you ordered something cod then you should know the amount & be expecting it. u act like the drivers have time to wait around on your responsibility. they have enough to do.

people like you make it so they get home to their families later. have some consideration.


That made absolutely no sense. Very confusing.

Why didnt you have the check ready if you placed an order you owed money on? They make three attempts anyways, you can have it ready for them the next day.

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