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I just experienced a very negative experience at the UPS Store in Grimsby, Ontario, Canada. I had a prepaid UPS envelope to drop off, but on arriving at the store, saw at sign on the door that said as of July 15, they no longer accepted prepaid envelopes and asked the man inside, he said no I had to go to one of the other locations listed, which I did.

This resulted in a 20 mile round trip for me (time & gas) to drop of the envelope, after already paying UPS for the envelope to be shipped. I realize UPS Stores are franchises and the franchisees can somewhat make their own rules about their stores, but guaranteed neither myself nor anyone I know will use this store for any of their many services in the future.

If UPS allows their franchisees to not accept packages we have already paid for, should they at least not provide drop boxes like FedEx for prepaid envelopes?

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