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UPS corporate customer service based in Atlanta is the most rude, insolent and untruthful customer service I have experienced in my 76 years of life. For two consecutive months they screwed up delivery of my disabled spouse's critical and llfe-sustaining medication.

Last month I spent three hours on a wild goose chase driving to locations I was given to pick it up that were in error or bad directions. This month they left a notice of the door to sign for next day delivery. It did not come.

I called and told it It was at a location with an address on the delivery notice I could not find. The pick up point was a dry cleaners in a shopping center five miles away but this was not specified on the notice.

When I finally located the dry cleaner (with no indication it is a UPS pick-up point) they informed me they did not have the package in spite of providing a tracking number. I called customer service again and was told the package was there. I tried to pick it up but was unable to do so because I did not know I needed Alan's ID. Corporate customer service gave me a name of the supervisor there but when I called I was told there was no such person.

When I asked a Representative to call the distribution center for me to track the delivery she rudely stated " I am not your personal assistant," When asked to speak with her supervisor she informed me the supervisor does not receive or return calls. So there is no recourse. Twice over the two months of difficulties I was told "Jim" would call me from the distribution center. I never received a call.

This is only a very brief summary. I have extensive notes of my contacts and the rudeness; including the fact I was told by several corporate customer service "managers" they could not provide a number for the distribution center of UPS where the package was located.

The attitudes of some (not all) of the representatives were rude and untruthful. When I asked Jasmine if she could contact the distribution center she said she could not. When I asked her if she "could not or would not" she responded rudely she would not, Tina told me twice she would have Jim call me from the distribution center.

I informed her I never received a call. She then told me she did not tell me that but I asked her to go back and listen to the recording of the call. I am sure she will not. Those are only two of many incidents of untruthfulness and rudeness.

Since it is difficult to hear our door bell and my spouse has multiple disabilities including hearing, I left a note on the door and left the door open.

The package came but the driver stated he had to call the distribution center because our apartment number was not on the address.

(UPS has the apartment number and it was confirmed many times).

I had a problem with a delivery of a package from FedEx over a year ago and they could not have been more helpful and sent me a check for my inconvenience. Likewise, there was a problem receiving a package from the US Post Office and Customer Service followed through in a thorough, prompt and courteous manner until the issue was resolved; including calling me back with updates.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

UPS Cons: Inabilty to perform primary task, Rude arrogant and untruthful customer service.

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