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On Friday March 7th I returned $223 worth un-scanned of clothing from Nasty Gal at store 6133 located on 75 N Woodward Ave, Tallahassee, FL 32306. Since the package came with a prepaid return label, the employee working there told me that she would tape the label to the box and send the package out.

I asked if there was anything I needed to do, and she replied: "no, thats all." So I left. Now it March 20th. Nasty Gal has not received the package of my returned merchandise. When you click on the "track my package" link, all it says is: "A UPS shipping label has been created.

Once the shipment arrives at our facility, the tracking status--including the scheduled delivery date--will be updated." The manager, John, told me that he would look into it and that I would be reimbursed because of his employee's error. The girl had never given me a receipt and never scanned my package before sending it out. John requested that I send him an email with pictures of my prepaid label and of my tracking number. Since I already had the pictures saved on my phone, I sent the email within minutes of his request.

Two days have past and I have not heard one word from John. I called the UPS costumer service number, and of course was transferred to numerous departments all of which were of no help. The last number I was transferred to said that UPS was not responsible for scanning packages and that it was the store's (Nasty Gal) responsibility. Frustrated that I would never get my $223 back I called Nasty Gal.

They were so understanding and gave me a full refund and told me that they would inform me if my package ever showed up. Thank God at least someone cares about their costumers. Moral of the story ALWAYS ask for a receipt even if they dont offer you one or tell you dont need it.

Because if they lose your package they will blame everyone but themselves and will make no effort to locate it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $223.

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Just show your receipt and UPS will fix it. I too doubt that the store took your stuff. The best part is that UPS gets to blame the you and or the store for something UPS did.


I've had this happen so many times. I now know to never use UPS for anything important. But I love Nasty Gal even more now!


Aside from taking down those pictures, you've hopefully learned a valuable lesson, get a receipt.

It's not likely the store has your junk,why would they want to store it, most likely the label came off in transit and lost. A receipt would at a minimum show you did get rid of the package.

@live and learn

Thankfuly the store reimbursed the $223. I have made many drop offs with prepaid labels before and never had a issue. The problem was that the package was never scanned when it left the ups store



Thanks for the screen grab with your phone number and address. I'll be calling soon to discuss how we can get you into, and out of, those sexy outfits, you nasty girl.

@felony waiting

Clearly im not living there anymore ,nor is that my current phone number, or i wouldn't have posted it. So unfortunately, well never get to have that conversation... Darn




It is your fault for not getting a receipt. If you had a receipt you would be fine.

If you have no proof you sent it off, unfortunately you must take the loss. You can try to blame the (NastyGal???) to say that they should have selected a different option to send it back, but it's unlikely they'll take the blame.


Luckily the store reimburssed me the 223$ ive made many drop off returns with prepaid labels before and never had an issue befofe.