on 2 separate occasions I have witnessed unsafe driving by 2 different ups freight drivers. one driver was talking on his cell phone and driving his semi rig with his elbows while drive on md rout 695 and the other driver was driving at 70 mph on the same road. both on 2 different days these two drivers apparently don't care about any laws pertaining to no hand held cell phone use while drive a tractor trailer or obeying posted speed limits or for public safety.i personally clocked the one driver doing 70 mph this morning sept 23 2013at the off ramp to md route 10

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Where do you find the time to make all these unlawful act's committed by these "UPS DRIVER'S"?WTF.Is someone paying you for this "Information"?Evidently you are not employed.And i would also say that you have nothing to do with your time but *** with other people right?Tell all the reader's what exactly did"UPS" Do to you? Their has to be a story behind this "Conduct" Of your's toward "UPS"! That you have not shared with us reader's.Know i do not work for "UPS".And i witness quite a few driver's of company truck's that break the law.But don't you think you are taking this situation to far?*** we all break the law sometime's."YOU-ME" Know one is perfect.Look in the mirrow "Take a good look at yourself first alright!Then see where the fist stone began's.In other word's please don't judge.Just mind your own business and Please find something to do with your time outside of trying to cause trouble for other's.GOD BLESS.


You talk and text on your cell phone and speed. You are an unsafe driver. Worry about something you can do something about like tailgating trucks so you can tattle on the internet about how fast they were going.


And you did not call the police why? Next time put your big boy pants on and make the call......or are you afraid.....

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