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What is the point to sign up for My Choice, they give you a time for delivery.I sat waiting for my package and no package.

They don't even have enough integrity to send an update. FedEx so is much better that UPS, and reliable if I had my Choice I would always ship FedEx. My choice is a smoke screen, they do not stand behind their products nor their word. I do a lot of online shopping and I am disappointed every single time my orders are shipped UPS if my order is shipped DHL or FedEx I know I'm going to receive my package with in the time I am given.

My Choice by UPS sent me an email, I would receive my package between 10:45am - 2:30pm, it's 5:29pm still no package. And it would have been cool if I would have receive an update?? Nope, not through My Choice. They have no consideration for someone's all.

I don't see how they are in business.

They'll lose your package to..ugh..they suck


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Crockett, Texas, United States #862112

I asked the driver not to use my grass to turn around I have a circle drive and three places to turn around.The have always placed packages on my patio.

all previous drivers were great. Now this *** hides my packages at roadside and out of sight from my house. U P S has shielded themselves from complaints so well you can not contact them. Now I ask the shipper to use another or ask for a signature I f cannot do this I don't buy from.

It is our money we have .we spend it the way we wish.

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