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What is the point to sign up for My Choice, they give you a time for delivery. I sat waiting for my package and no package.

They don't even have enough integrity to send an update. FedEx so is much better that UPS, and reliable if I had my Choice I would always ship FedEx. My choice is a smoke screen, they do not stand behind their products nor their word. I do a lot of online shopping and I am disappointed every single time my orders are shipped UPS if my order is shipped DHL or FedEx I know I'm going to receive my package with in the time I am given.

My Choice by UPS sent me an email, I would receive my package between 10:45am - 2:30pm, it's 5:29pm still no package. And it would have been cool if I would have receive an update?? Nope, not through My Choice. They have no consideration for someone's all.

I don't see how they are in business.

They'll lose your package to..ugh.. they suck

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Crockett, Texas, United States #862112

I asked the driver not to use my grass to turn around I have a circle drive and three places to turn around. The have always placed packages on my patio.

all previous drivers were great. Now this *** hides my packages at roadside and out of sight from my house. U P S has shielded themselves from complaints so well you can not contact them. Now I ask the shipper to use another or ask for a signature I f cannot do this I don't buy from.

It is our money we have . we spend it the way we wish.

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