Hi UPS, i dont like being discriminated.

I had my GF's expensive Xmas present sent with you asking for an after 5pm signed delivery because i work downtown during business hours. What did I get? 2 delivery attempts to my apt. before 2pm...

Tried going online to change the delivery time, except that i can only do so without further cost when i sign up for "My choice", so i did..or tried.

It turns out, that as an international student "the verification process" cant be completed, making me uneligible.

That left me with two options, either paying AGAIN to change the delivery (within the same city) to my workplace. OR hold the package and drive myself to get it.

That didnt sound too bad i thought, "there is a UPS store literally 4 blocks away from my house, its perfect". Except not really: for some reason for a delivery of downtown Chicago, UPS is somehow UNABLE to hold packages in ANY of their Chicago locations, except for the Schaumburg location. Which is not even in the same city. In fact, i would have to take a 6 hour trip just to pick this up!

So i tried calling, but i just got same of the same bull: Either pay up, or go through unreasonable hoops to get a package I ALREADY PAID FOR. Oh, and in that conversation: UPS was apparently not responsible for the fact that their subscription system doesnt allow for internationals to sign up for the only program ("My choice") that allows customer to make changes without additional fees. Yea, right.

I ended up paying extra for delivery within the same city because the agent was unable to give me a delivery window smaller than "9am to 6pm" ... which is absurd when your trying to make arrangements for someone else to receive packages on your behalf. NEVER, EVER, giving you my business again if I can help it. I hope you enjoyed those extra dollars you squeezed out of this customer UPS, they will be the last ones you will ever get from me.

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Chicago, Illinois, United States #755323

I'm so angry we ordered Christmas gift ahead of time and my grams is 84 years old they threw it at her over the big deck she has and didn't even tell her it was heavy ups sucks they are the laziest. Ever they can't even walk packages to the door and they throw other boxes in the snow and she has to go downstairs to get them total ***

Columbia, Kentucky, United States #754215

What is this "being discriminated" nonsense? UPS has it's rules and you either follow them or go elsewhere.

Stop whining about feeling discriminated against. It is old and tiring and rather silly.

Richardson, Texas, United States #754184

I feel for you, here is what happened to me.

I went on a business trip, was going to meet the Client at the Sheraton. Got a Taxi at the airport, almost at the Sheraton, and the Client calls to let me know chnge of plans, they are at the Hilton.

The crook Taxi driver charged me extra to take me to a different address in the same city!

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