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below is the email that i wrote to there cel

Your staff and organization in last 24 hour has been the WORST ever.

They are got our order for pickup from 9 am till 1 pm. Then till 12 15 no one shows up. So i called and they " oh it was cancelled"... when i asked by whom as we never did they said we don't know, it may be by accident. No one called us also. So they said we have now scheduled a booking till 3 pm. Then dispatch center called my wife saying we can't take till 7. Then a driver who was vvvv rude on phone said he will come at 6 30 PM and can't come before. He said he left labels in lobby to have it picked up. HE then told me that at 12 he came and he was given 261 as apt. That was not my fault it was UPS fault !!!... i asked why he didn't call he had no answer at all and misbehaved. Okay i said come at 6 30 then and i would lv all my day work and come at 6 30. At 5 30 i was down on lobby level when i saw a UPS driver in a crowded elevator, I told him wait for me ill come up. I had labels in my hand. The 2 min it took me to get back up this ridiculous person misbehaved with my wife, sister in law. We had bags lined up for him to take. All was set. He said oh the address label is not pasted so i can't wait. I told him it is in my hand. But he misbehaved so much that my sister in law started calling police as No one can come to ur house and harass you like this. I took his pic also. If this is what UPS stands for

- in competence, unprofessionalism, misbehaving, then i see a bleak future.

I don't care for my luggage move, i can hire another person but someone coming to my home and misbehaving with my family, completely unacceptable. I have taken his pic, if no action is taken I am in right to report this to authorities.

Extremely disappointed

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